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This is the website of Janet and John Leedham. It contains a variety of useful (and useless) information, and photographs (including our recent wedding in July this year).

Please use the links above to select from the various regions of the site. (See notes below about passwords)

Accessing the Site

We have password protected some areas, to stop our personal information being mis-used. If you need to access such an area, use one of the following :

Username Password
weddingThe date of our wedding, in the form DD/MM/YYYY
workThe organisation John works for (with a capital W)


How to get in touch with us :

The best way to get in touch is via e-mail : john@janetandjohn.org.uk or janet@janetandjohn.org.uk .
From time to time, we have special addresses, for example wedding@janetandjohn.org.uk

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